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We are a LegalTech Boutique that’s wired differently to simplify our customers’ lives.
We are sharp, digitally focused and dynamic. We work with passion and purpose- We help expats and entrepreneurs do business and make investments in Greece, Spain and Portugal.
We serve them by providing 360-degree assistance for the most important milestones in their lives. We focus on support, not upselling. We offer solutions for real people by real people.
Our global multi-disciplinary legal advice is designed for individuals, companies, investors and Digital Nomads who are immersed in local or international transactions. We understand that trusting a digital provider with your legal needs is a bold choice and we repay that faith by making legal services more efficient and easier for all to understand. Lexidy makes the law simple, dynamic and affordable by integrating technology with generations of legal expertise.

Les offres d'emploi de LEXIDY



LEXIDY | 05/09/2023
Île-de-France - PARIS
Type de contrat : Alternance - Durée : 6 mois
Type d'emploi : Assistant juridique
Temps de travail : Temps Plein
Salaire : -
Domaine(s) d'activité : Généraliste, Droit international/ Droit de l’Union européenne, Droit du tourisme
Entrée en fonction : Immédiate