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Something is broken with the law. Lawyers appear to be ruthless and focused on monopolizing information and their bottom line. But we know there’s a better way to be lawyers. We believe that people and businesses can be served better. With passion. A conscience. With knowledge. Using technology. At Lexidy LegalTech Boutique, we’ve created an ecosystem where we’ve combined technology, dedication, principles and information to create our soul. We are making a bet that people and companies want change too. We are wired differently with a mission to simplify our client’s lives.

We are currently operating in Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Italy and with future offices in the Belgium and the Nordics

Les offres d'emploi de LEXIDY


LEXIDY | 18/08/2022
Île-de-France - PARIS
Type de contrat : Alternance
Type d'emploi : Assistant juridique
Temps de travail : Temps Plein
Salaire : -
Domaine(s) d'activité : Généraliste, Droit international/ Droit de l’Union européenne, Droit du tourisme
Entrée en fonction : Immédiate